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Why Tint Your Windows?

Updated: Mar 7

Tinting your windows can provide many benefits, to your vehicle, your comfort and your peace of mind! Read on to find out how.

1.Window tinting can block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays that can accelerate skin aging and cause skin cancer.

Even clear window film or a light tint offers UV protection that can block out both damaging UVA and UVB rays. Research shows that 53% of skin cancers in the U.S. occur on the left side of the body, which correlates to the driver’s side of your car. For people who drive for extended periods of time, window film protection provides a critical advantage to safeguard against this risk.

2. Tinted windows help maintain the temperature of your vehicle.

If you’ve battled finding the right level of air conditioning or heat for all of your passengers, window tinting can help resolve that dilemma. Automotive window film can block anywhere from 35-65% of the solar heat that builds up in a car. You can balance climate and comfort for everyone and cut down on fuel consumption from air conditioning overuse and warming your car up on cold winter days.

3. Window film offers shattered glass protection.

Window film is designed to keep glass from shattering if an object hits it. In the event of a car accident, passengers are protected from flying glass shards and from being ejected through windows. Additionally, thieves will find it difficult to break through tinted glass and get into your car. The safety benefits of installing window film on your car cannot be underestimated, you can never be too careful.

4. Window tint provides better privacy and security.

Window tinting comes in a wide range of shading to provide a level of privacy for you and your passengers. When you park the car, you can walk away and know that prying eyes cannot see your valuables inside. It can add to your peace of mind when you want to protect your vehicle and those who travel with you.

5. Tinting your windows can keep car upholstery from fading.

Your car is a valuable asset that you want to last as long as possible. Having window tinting professionally installed on your vehicle is a great way to protect your investment. While using a windshield sun protector or parking your car in the shade can temporarily reduce sun damage, window film consistently blocks harsh sunshine that can fade upholstery and discolor leather and vinyl. It protects car interiors from cracking and warping to keep your car looking newer longer. Window tinting also blocks windshield glare to decrease eye fatigue from direct sun and bright nighttime headlights.

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