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Product After Care and Up Keep Instructions 

It is important to follow the recommended after care instructions and up keep for the services you receive from Tint Fresh.

This is a simplified layout of the after care instructions regarding the products and services we perform on your vehicles. Please refer to the subtitle that best describes the services you received.

Window Tint

It takes a minimum of 2-3 days for film to cure during the spring and summer. It takes a minimum of 5 days and up to 2 weeks for film to cure during the fall/winter. During the curing process it is important that you do not roll your windows down, touch or clean your windows. 

Streaking and clear mirror like bubbles will be visible during the film curing process but will completely dissipate when the film is cured. Please pay attention to the windows and if you are still seeing any abnormalities, it is best to give the film more time to cure or to call the professionals to ask questions.

Please use only ammonia free cleaners or tint safe cleaners on the inside of the windows where the window tint is applied. We also ask that microfiber towels or soft, non abrasive towels be used to do any cleaning of the tinted windows. Remove all tags from rags you are using so that it won't potentially scratch the film. *Do not "scrub" windows*

We are here for you to make sure your tint looks amazing and all questions or information regarding the services we provide are as transparent as possible.



Please allow a minimum of 3-5 days for Exoshield to cure fully during the spring/summer and a minimum of 5-7 days during the fall/winter and up to 45 days to fully cure. Avoid car washes and using the windshield wipers during the curing process. We understand Washington is a rainy state, but it is important to give the film the time it needs to cure for the product to work at its highest functionality.

Please note that during the very rainy seasons, we may ask to keep the vehicle over night to keep it dry to allow for the film to dry out.

Similar to window tint, you may see initial distortion (moistures bubbles and or streaking) and this too is normal and will dissipate over time.

Exoshield is an optically clear film and is hydrophobic! So don't fret, this film is made to withstand the weather!



  • Keep your windshield wipers free of dirt and debris by cleaning the wipers regularly with a damp cloth

  • Hand wash your vehicle with soap and water or use a touchless car wash

  • Only use approved coatings or surface treatments on Exoshield


  • Don't pressure wash your windshield

  • Don't use ammonia based glass cleaners or windshield washer fluids that have isopropyl alcohol in them i.e any washer fluids that contain anti freeze properties are a no go

(ammonia free cleaners and tint safe cleaners are safe) 

  • Don't use metal, perforated, or rough plastic ice scrapers

  • Don't leave sap or droppings on Exoshield

Paint Protection Film 

To Keep Your Paint Protection Film Looking Great, Follow A Few Simple Guidelines:


  • Wait a minimum of 3 days and up to a week after installation to wash your car. ***Please keep in mind that automated car washes can do more harm than good for your vehicle after PPF is installed. We highly recommend hand washing your vehicle or having it professionally detailed. Harmful chemicals and high pressure washing can damage and or lift the film voiding the warranty associated with the Paint Protection Film.

  • Remove insect or other stains as soon as possible.

  • Stubborn stains can be removed with 99% isopropyl alcohol. Take care to keep these chemicals off the vehicle’s paint.

  • Light scratches in the film will self-heal in 20-30 minutes at room temperature. In colder conditions, or to accelerate the process, pour warm water (120°F) over the affected area.

  • Avoid using a pressure washer or high-pressure water source near the edges of the film, it can cause the film to lift and/or become damaged.

  • Detailing Clay can be used to remove contaminants that are on the film.

  • Please use XPEL recommended products to wash and clean your vehicle. These products can be found at and some can be purchased on Amazon. Some of these precuts include: Xpel Rinse Free Wash, Xpel Detail Spray, Xpel Ceramic Boost, Xpel Sealant etc.  


Tesla warns on their official site to refrain from using automated non touchless car washes. Even though we warn to stay clear of car washes after PPF installation, it is even more important that teslas are hand washed and or professionally detailed, not only to protect the areas we protected but most importantly, your vehicle.

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