About Us


We offer Professional Automotive Window Tinting Services in Tumwater, Washington.

We take great pride in each and every film installation. We use XPEL Protective Films backed by a lifetime warranty. 

Our mission is to install films that last, that look great and provide the privacy and protection you deserve!

We strive to provide an unparalleled experience to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.




We are a husband and wife duo who started Tint Fresh in 2020. One of the most important goals we made going into business is to provide our customers with an unparalleled experience by breaking some of the very traditionalized molds of the automotive industry. 

Keaton (the owner and installer of all Tint Fresh services) is self taught and began his tinting journey in 2016 tinting as a hobby. It has since turned into the best full time job! He has had many teachers along the way who have helped shape and strengthen his skills to be the professional he is today!  Keaton's adoration and endurance for tinting alongside the other services we provide, is admirable! He believes in extreme attention to detail and providing services that not only we are proud of, but that our customers will appreciate.

Hello, I am Cassidi. I am also the Owner of Tint Fresh. My job history has consisted mainly as "mom" of two beautiful boys. I am now "mom" and the "backstage" of Tint Fresh. I have been incredibly fortunate to have grown up with parents who started, own and still work hard every day in businesses that make a difference. I had really good teachers and it's safe to say there was a lot of education in being the child of two wildly successful individuals. It has been a desire of mine too to own my own business and to truly believe in what I am doing. I am proud to be living out me and my husbands dreams together!


You may ask, "why did you choose to start your business amidst a pandemic?" Our answer is simple. We were just one of the millions of families who lost jobs due to tough times. We took a huge leap of faith and began to live and fight for our dream.


It wasn't planned to start the business we had dreamed of so quickly or early in life, but we couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such an awesome, competitive and growing industry!


We are completely humbled by how much support we have received and our gratitude is overwhelming! We continue to stay very busy here at Tint Fresh and are happy to have been serving the community for over a year! We are looking forward to many more years to come!

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